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sábado, 15 de fevereiro de 2014

upgrade de 14/01/2014 do pokemmo

 olá bom estou aqui com mais uma postagem mostrando a ultimo atualizaçao que o pokemmo teve que foi 14 de Janeiro desse ano

  • Hats. Lots of Hats.
  • General
    • Tournament Mode is now a pseudo-flat battles function and will no longer upscale party members below 50 to 50.
    • Updated disobedience levels to be more fair to the early game:
      • Badge0 10 -> 20
      • Badge1 20 -> 25
  • Breeding
    • Pseudo-random threshholds for average non-directly inherited IVs reduced from -6/+3 to -8/+3.
    • Increased nature inheritance chances from 20% to 40% for parents holding everstones.
  • Economic
    • Re-enabled PAYDAY on wild spawns.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Hidden Power's Power display in skill tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug where PP would not be healed in Flat Battles parties across matches.
  • Fixed a bug where spectating after participating in a Ranked mode would sometimes cause the parties to not render correctly until a relog occurred.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Ranked matchups would never start, and if a client attempting to spectate it, a client deadlock would occur.
  • Fixed minimum trade level message for starters.
  • Fixed EV explanation tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where mothers would not pass moves correctly sometimes.
  • Fixed clauses broadcast not showing up in spectator mode.
  • Fixed various missing moves for breeding and updated them to coincide with Gen 6

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